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Helpful Tips to Prepare For and Work With Your Insurance Adjustor

One thing that can make or break you when it comes to the devastation that comes with a Hurricane and damage to your property is how you can ensure you get the most from the insurance adjustor's visit.

Making the claim with the insurance company is going to be the first step, but you will need to prepare for the inspection with the Insurance Adjustor.  Below you will find a good road map to navigate the process.



Over-prepare for the insurance company and they will know that you are not the client that they will mess with.  Be detailed and gather more than is necessary.


  1. Receipts - keep all of your receipts that had to do with everything related to the damage or expenses relating to your evacuation or temporary living expenses.

  2. Photos - take and gather photos of your home and property.  Hopefully you will have some before and after shots, but if not, just be detailed as possible.  Even consider walking the property with a video camera.

  3. Documents - make copies of any relevant documents that you may have for your property or home.

  4. To-Do List - make a list of everything that you have done, need to do, and questions that you may need to ask.​  Include all noted damage that you recognize and see, as well as questions on how your policy works.

  5. Start a File - keep a copy of everything related to the damage in your file so you can easily find it.  Keep everything in date order.

Pro-Tip - make a copy for you and another for the insurance company.


Ensure that you are there when the home inspector is scheduled.  Be helpful in the process and recognize that they are there to help.


  1. Host - be the host.  It's your property after all and the insurance adjustor is a guest in your home.  Show them around and walk through each room.

  2. Help - Note the damages that you have noted in your above To-Do List and point out the things that are on the list - note both small and large items that have been damaged.  The small items can certainly add up and should not be forgotten.

  3. Photos -make sure that the Insurance Adjustor takes photos of everything - even if you have already done so.  Many insurance adjustors have excellent digital cameras that can provide better detail.

  4. Review - sit down with the adjustor when they are done - offer them a cup of coffee or water and go over EVER single thing that was damaged and make sure they are all in the report.



Both before and after - be the client that asks a lot of questions and remember - the best way to develop a relationship with someone is to ask questions.  This will also help in the preparation process, so below you will find a lot of things to ask before, during, and after, the visit.


  • What do you need from me?  Specifics (Documents, Photos, Receipts, etc.)

  • What documentation do you need?

  • How do you need the information - hard copy, email, etc.?

  • Can I get reimbursed for expenses incurred related to the hurricane?

  • Can I get the repairs started now, or do we have to wait?

  • Can any of the expenses related to the repairs be billed directly to the insurance company, or do I have to pay and provide proof and documentation to the Insurance Adjustor or the Insurance Company.

  • How long will it take to provide a damage estimate?

  • Who should I contact with questions, or if we need to submit additional information as part of the claim?

  • How long does it take for the insurance company to issue a check?


  • This is your property and you need to help sell the value.

  • The Insurance Adjustor works for the insurance company - not you.

  • The more information that you can give to them and make their job easier will be what they use for your claim.

  • The insurance company should receive all of the information from the adjustor.  Confirm with your customer service representative that it all has been received and prepare to resend.

  • Make detailed notes to help you remember everything - including questions that the Insurance Adjustor asks or answers.  Note what time the adjustor arrived and leaves your house.  Note anything that may have been discounted or ignored during the inspection.

  • Be Nice - it can be difficult during what you are going through, but you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

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